AWS Consulting Call

Are you curious whether AWS is a better fit for your application?

Are you frustrated by poor performance, lack of control, and unpredictable deployments? Are you wondering if you are leaving money on the table by hosting your application on Heroku? Or are you just overwhelmed by the sheer number of services AWS provides?

Or maybe you are already using AWS but are not sure if you taking full advantage of the platform, are confused about what services you should be using, are having problems with your deployments, or just need some general guidance.

For $249, I will meet with you for a 1 hour consulting session to discuss AWS and how it can help your business. We will discuss the biggest challenges you are facing with your application and its infrastructure. We can talk about what AWS services make sense for you and what kind of costs you could expect to incur. Of course, if you have specific AWS questions, we’ll spend our time on those.

After our call, I will summarize our discussion and provide you with a detailed write-up of strategic recommendations and next steps.

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