I help businesses deliver software that outperforms the competition.

Are you confident with your software infrastructure and deployment processes?

I use software automation to establish repeatable infrastructure for production and development environments. I can help you develop a rock-solid continuous delivery pipeline that will let you release software frequently and with confidence.

I focus on what is important to your business. I won't suggest that you use the latest technology or adopt the latest trendy development practices unless there will be a clear and measurable impact on the bottom line of your business.

If you have a problem to solve, I'd love to help. Let's chat.

  • Overwhelmed by the sheer number of services, features, and options on the AWS platform? AWS is an extremely powerful and cost-effective platform for businesses of all sizes. But the learning curve can be steep. I can help you navigate the complex matrix of options and build an application architecture that is automated, scalable, secure, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
  • Are you frustrated by high costs and lack of control when hosting your application on Heroku? Have you been considering making the jump to AWS? I can help you build an AWS infrastructure that is more powerful, flexible, cost-effective and as easy to manage as your existing Heroku setup.
  • Are your application deployments slow, flaky and sources of stress? No matter the size of your organization, the benefits of continuous delivery are clear: increased efficiency and flexibility, less risk, and the ability to react more quickly in an ever-changing marketplace. And you don't have to be the next Netflix or Etsy to implement a solid continuous delivery process. I can help get you there.
  • Does it take 2 days or more to configure a new development environment? How much productivity and development time is lost trying to get your application running for a new developer or on a new laptop? I can help get your developers up and running within minutes as opposed to days with reproducible, virtualized development environments. "It works on my machine." Never hear those words again.

In some cases, I am also available for custom web application development. I am particular about the projects I take on so please get in touch if you want to discuss your business.