My name is Ryan Eschinger. I am an independent software consultant and I can help your team reliably and sustainably build and deliver amazing software. With over 15 years experience in operations and application development, I have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes — from small businesses to global enterprises, tech startups to the U.S. federal government. I specialize in helping companies create new web applications, automate their infrastructures, establish automated, repeatable deployments, and build virtualized development environments that are consistent with production.

My services include:

  • Infrastructure automation using (Terraform, Ansible) on AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, or other IaaS cloud providers.
  • Building reproducible and shareable development environments for your team using Vagrant
  • Establish the processes and tools needed to ensure fast and reliable automated deployments and move your organization along the spectrum towards continuous delivery
  • Custom web application development using Ruby on Rails and Javascript

If you have a problem to solve, I’d love to help. Get in touch.