Updating ruby-build to get the latest rubies

No rocket science here - just because I always forget… If you are using rbenv with the ruby-build plugin and want to upgrade to the latest version of ruby, you might have to update ruby-build to get the latest definitions.

$ rbenv install 2.1.3
ruby-build: definition not found: 2.1.3

ruby-build does not know about 2.1.3 yet.

$ cd ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build
$ git pull

Try again:

$ rbenv install 2.1.1
Downloading ruby-2.1.3.tar.gz...
-> http://dqw8nmjcqpjn7.cloudfront.net/0818beb7b10ce9a058cd21d85cfe1dcd233e98b7342d32e9a5d4bebe98347f01
Installing ruby-2.1.3...
Installed ruby-2.1.3 to /home/ryan/.rbenv/versions/2.1.3

Of course, this assumes you installed rbenv from the git repository. If you used Homebrew on OSX, you can do something like this:

$ brew update
$ brew upgrade ruby-build

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