AWS Consulting Call

Are you curious whether AWS is a better fit for your application? Are you frustrated by poor performance, lack of control, and unpredictable deployments? Are you wondering if you are leaving money on the table by hosting your application on Heroku? Or are you just overwhelmed by the sheer number of services AWS provides? Or maybe you are already using AWS but are not sure if you taking full advantage of the platform, are confused about what services you should be using, are having problems with your deployments, or just need some general guidance.

AWS Power-Up

Migrate your Rails application from Heroku to AWS Are you frustrated by the lack of control and high costs of Heroku? Have you been considering migrating your Rails application to Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Despite its reputation, you do not need a team of cloud architects and systems administrators to build your application on top of AWS. I can help make a migration easy, painless and with minimal changes to your application and deployment workflows.

Continuous Delivery

Are you dreading your next application deployment? Does any of this sound familiar? Scheduling a deployment is a bureaucratic nightmare that requires sign off by multiple departments and committees. Your developers have fixed a critical bug that you want to get out to production as soon as possible but you have to wait for a seeming eternity while your operations and QA teams review the new release. Your deployments are large updates with lots of unrelated changes and fixes.

Infrastructure Automation

Are you ashamed of your application infrastructure? You started with the best intentions. You carefully read all of the documentation and followed all of the best practices you could find and you built a high-performance application infrastructure tuned exactly the way you wanted. Because you are thorough, you documented all of the steps you took to install and configure the servers. Fast forward six months. Your product is growing fast and you’ve been coding like mad trying to keep up with feature requests and bug fixes.


AWS Power-Up Are you frustrated by high costs and lack of control when hosting your application on Heroku? Have you been considering making the jump to AWS but are overwhelmed with the various options? Or do you just need some assistance and guidance? I can help you build an AWS infrastructure that is more powerful, flexible, cost-effective and as easy to manage as your existing Heroku setup. Learn More… AWS Consulting Call It is not always clear whether or not AWS is a good fit for your application infrastructure.